Application to Collect Client Technical Data
WAN Dynamics [2017]

WAN Dynamics is an Ohio start-up company that implements (Software Defined WAN) SD-WAN networks. This is a cloud-ready WAN solution that maintains high performance levels while reducing costs by 50% or more. The company collects complicated network data from clients to assess and implement their new SD-WAN hardware and software.

Client Access and Database Design

The requirements for this project were to allow clients a central web based application where they can add and update their companies network configration data. We developed an internet based application where clients can create an account, login and enter their company and technical information. This information is highly complex and unique to every company so the database is a more complicated design with many to many realtions.

Database Metrics

The company is new which means data is limited at this time but soon this information will be used to make larger and more profitable business decisions for the grownig company. In the future we may revisit the database and build an additional report module to display network trends, installation issues and track support tickets for each client.

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Customer Tracking and Work Flow
D&R Heating and Cooling [2017]

D&R is an HVAC service company servicing North Eastern Ohio. They needed a custom database application for recording customer information, tracking work and planning future services. In this industry tracking services and equipment installation by location is key to repeat business and sales growth whether it's heating & air conditioning or cleaning and maintenance.

Web Based Application Work Flow

After a short consultation we defined what needed to be stored in the database and a work flow for employees to easily enter data through an internet browser. The application provides a simple browser based interface where mobile devices can be used by each employee to enter new customers, work and update records through any internet connection. Each location is associated to the work and equipment that D&R has installed in the past.

Tracking & Reporting

A key benefit to recording business data in a relational database is the ability to enhance communication between employees and produce reports to help make business decisions. After login, each employee is directed to a central dashboard that displays the most recent work performed by all employees.

Application Development

The application was originally developed under the Joomla CMS framework and recently we redesigned it as a stand-alone web based application. This offers the freedom to develop modules and perform upgrades without needing to conform to the open source schedules. Most of the existing database was used and redesigned for better relational reference and normalization.

The requirements and application development was completed in only 3 weeks since we already had a working Component. The testing and big fixes finished a week later and the application was in production after only 4 weeks of development and testing.

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Database Software and Public Records
RPCC [2016]

The RPCC organization was looking for a database application to host public officials, positions and the locations they represent. This would be a public site where anyone could submit a location and return the public officials that represent them in Cuyahoga County area. We were able to develop a relational database using a combination of public data and manual updates.

Data Import and Association

The location data and district records were publicly available as a download from the Board of Election and we built an import module to bring this data into the database. The backend of the application provides a GUI where the RPCC can add, remove or modify officials easily using only an internet browser.
Since the officials can change every 2 years the application needed to be easy to use and easily updateable.

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